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3960 Howard Hughes Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89166
(888) 757-4020
College Admissions Planning | College Application Process
Based on 20 reviews.

General Information
Right C3 is centered on helping the next generation make wise decisions by pursuing the right career and attending the right college at the right cost.

Products & Services
RightC3 is unique from other education service providers because we have worked with tens of thousands of students and thousands of colleges to create a proven approach that combines the use of technology and personal coaching from our expert staff.

Only Right C3 offers pr
    Based on 20 reviews.
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The kids love the camp and are looking forward to next year.
1 Month Ago by Juan887|Report Abuse
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It was amazing and I’m glad I got someone to help me out with things I don’t know
1 Month Ago by Dustin887|Report Abuse
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I received good information that regarding college prep for my children to get ready for college.
1 Month Ago by Amy887|Report Abuse
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It was informational and very informing helpful, great tips to help prepare bright young minds. :)
1 Month Ago by Diana887|Report Abuse
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I would definitely recommend this program for use of students of all ages. It is really useful and helpful for my own child!
1 Month Ago by sara887|Report Abuse
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I feel like this program will really help my parents & I in the long run.
2 Months Ago by Star995|Report Abuse
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I learned more than I could’ve ever imagined. One thing that I do know is that college is worth it !
2 Months Ago by hope883|Report Abuse
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It was a very informative workshop and I look forward to the benefits of the program
2 Months Ago by Trisha883|Report Abuse
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the information was very useful and it allowed me to know what is out there in funds to help pay for college
2 Months Ago by Meeka992|Report Abuse
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It will help you out with school it's a good program!
3 Months Ago by king992|Report Abuse
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Great service !!?????????? We made a good decision !!
3 Months Ago by Wendy993|Report Abuse
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This has given me a better chance in getting through college and even getting the funds for it in the first place.
3 Months Ago by StevenMiller|Report Abuse
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My son is taking an English class he did not pass an its really helping him thks.
4 Months Ago by nancy993|Report Abuse
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It was extremely informative and I have kno doubt that my son’ college and scholarship needs will be fine..Relieves the stress
4 Months Ago by Davis993|Report Abuse
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They answered all my questions and where polite the program really will improve my academic life existed to use it.
4 Months Ago by James993|Report Abuse
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It was very informative and I got to have a one on one conversation.
4 Months Ago by dianaflores|Report Abuse
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Good information and can’t wait to see the results from using it!! A little pricey though.
4 Months Ago by Jessica992|Report Abuse
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It was a very informative presentation , the one on one interviews with the counselors was such a fun experience . They really care about your success and don’t sugar coat anything
4 Months Ago by rebecca@123|Report Abuse
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They were really polite and explained everything very well.
4 Months Ago by david191|Report Abuse
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It was very informative. A lot of information to take in and look forward to the benefits and knowledge they can provide.
5 Months Ago by Hunter123|Report Abuse
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