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Discount Van Truck -

3269 Maricopa Ave, #114-403
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406
(800) 884-3826
Fax (928) 505-4266
Based on 12 reviews.

General Information
We Manufacture replacement truck seats, van, truck bench seats,center jump seats, Sprinter captains chairs, Sprinter swivel seat plates, Sprinter seats, Promaster seats, Transit seats, custom made RV furniture, RV sofas,RV furniture, RV sofas, van seats, RV captains chairs, boat furniture, marine furniture, , suv 3rd seats, pick up truck bench seats, van bench seats, suv bench seats, RV furniture accessories, RV seats, RV motorhome furniture, RV-van sofa beds, RV furniture swivel recliners, truck bench seats, RV barrel chairs, van RV captains seats, RV van truck suv high back seats, surplus RV furniture-couches, RV van sofa beds, and RV van sofas. With our discount pricing on RV furniture you will not need to be satisfied with used or surplus RV furniture. Flexsteel quality without the high Flexsteel price. We also sell all types of pickup, aftermarket, Ford Econoline, Shoveler, GMC, Dodge, RV van truck suv accessories, RV van truck suv parts like RV van truck suv running boards, RV van truck suv seat belts, raised van tops, and Sprinter windows at a discount.
Products & Services
replacement truck seats, van, truck bench seats,center jump seats, Sprinter captains chairs, Sprinter swivel seat plates, Sprinter seats, Promaster seats, Transit seats, custom made RV furniture
    Based on 12 reviews.
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From the first day I contacted Discount Van Truck online they have always accorded me the best service ever. I am very pleased with their work so far; I am a satisfied customer.
18 Days Ago by Harry Liston|Report Abuse
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What I love about Discount Van Truck is that quality matches their price tag. All furniture’s offered are of high quality, long lasting and are very sturdy. What more could anyone ask for.
1 Month Ago by Maria Med|Report Abuse
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My SUV door pulls had a tendency of breaking especially when left unattended but since I got a replacement from Discount Van Truck this problem has never occurred again.
1 Month Ago by Ellie Bethune|Report Abuse
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Discount Van Truck enhanced my long drive by fixing comfortable seating and ensuring my safety on narrow and bumpy roads.
1 Month Ago by Brooke Pinnock|Report Abuse
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When traveling with my family we enjoy quality and enjoyable traveling space thanks to Discount Van Truck who have done a great job in making our RV feel like our second home.
2 Months Ago by jai cani|Report Abuse
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The SUV from Discount Van Truck are pretty awesome. Once you send your measurements, you get the best fitting sun roof and at the best market price.
2 Months Ago by Emily Maguire|Report Abuse
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The Transit seat belt hardware from is actually very nice. I would recommend the L-bracket to anyone who would prefer to have options when it comes to positioning the mount.
3 Months Ago by Gemma Docker|Report Abuse
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When we were looking for replacement van seat belts, we couldn’t find many options in the same shop. This all changed when I used discount van truck where I found variety.
3 Months Ago by Ashton Cawker|Report Abuse
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My brother recommended when someone broke my van lights. I got them replaced at a best price and they work just fine. I would recommend the store to others as well.
3 Months Ago by Makay Gurner|Report Abuse
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You always have to think about safety when driving. To get the best safety belts, I would point you to discount van truck. I have been buying mine here for a long time and never had a complaint.
3 Months Ago by Finn Arthur|Report Abuse
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Apart from being cool, SUV grills also protect your car whenever you are in an accident. By extension, you are also protected. You can get some high quality grills from Discount Van Truck.
3 Months Ago by William Garran|Report Abuse
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Most people sell short-lives RV air conditioners and I was afraid of falling prey to these types of sellers. Thankfully, I bought one and it has been up and running for a while now.
3 Months Ago by John Pilcher|Report Abuse
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