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Glass and Mirror NYC

252 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(929) 888-9886
Based on 31 reviews.

General Information
"Glass and Mirror NYC is the local mirror and glass repair store you can trust. In fact, we're the shop for anything glass in your home?custom mirrors, tabletops and showers, along with replacement window consultation or door repair.

Take advantage of our free in-home consultation and the expertise of our employees. From taking measurements to cutting, edging and installation, we're your go-to place for glass repair.
Did a soccer ball hit your sliding glass door just right? Weed eater kick up a rock against your window pane? Aren't you glad local glass experts are just a phone call away? Our specialists are available for a free window repair consultation at (929) 888-9886. We'll work with your insurance company and help get your house secure from the weather until the glass is installed.
We've got much more to offer than repairing windows. We're a glass company for all your home decor.

We offer free onsite estimates in new york for all installations, so call today to schedule yours. Pacifica Glass is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau."
Products & Services
Glass, Mirror, countertops, windows, shower doors
    Based on 31 reviews.
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My husband and I bought a house on Long Island and looked for some furniture, in an ad on the internet that we read about Glass & Mirror NYC, we visited his store and we have beautiful things to decorate your home. We bought a mirror for our room, and we are fascinated, the staff is very attentive and give advice on color combinations. There is something for everyone!
20 Months Ago by marycaro|Report Abuse
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I am happy with the purchase of my mirror, in this store you can find the mirror of your dreams, there is a great variety of styles, sizes and different prices. visit them in Brooklyn!
20 Months Ago by creuza|Report Abuse
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I am very grateful to Glass & Mirror NYC for the glass they installed in the living room of my house in Brooklyn, they did a great job, their services are 100% recommended. The glass is of excellent quality and its workers are responsible.
20 Months Ago by louisggomez|Report Abuse
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I live in Brooklyn and I recommend the services of Glass & Mirror NYC, the glass that installed the balcony of the terrace was excellent, it looks luxurious and elegant. They are very responsible and professional people.
20 Months Ago by clairef veronica|Report Abuse
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Excellent quality of work done by the team of professionals Glass and Mirror NYC. In the installation activity of Glasses in my apartment in Brooklyn, they were very fast and careful with the work, everything was perfect, I am very satisfied. I recommend them.
20 Months Ago by ramon sotillo|Report Abuse
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Review: Glass and Mirror NYC. I am very satisfied with the work of the glass in the bathroom shower of my residence in Brooklyn, with excelent finished and professionalism. I recomend them for theis work.
20 Months Ago by Antonio Da Silva|Report Abuse
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Thanks to the specialists of Glass and Mirror New York. The installation work of glass windows in my apartment in Brooklyn, were beautiful, excellent finish and high quality. I recommend them for their work.
20 Months Ago by renny_rossy|Report Abuse
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Glass and Mirror ew York. A group of excellent professionals very responsible. The installation work of the glass and mirror in my apartment in Brooklyn was spectacular, with a first class finish. That's why I recommend them.
20 Months Ago by nico ramirez|Report Abuse
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I am very happy with the professionals of Glass and Mirror NYC. For having contracted with them the installation services of Glass for my residence in Brooklyn. Excellent finish, quality and professionalism in the works.
21 Months Ago by Mario Suares|Report Abuse
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Beautiful glass that I buy for my dining room. Glass & Mirro NYC have the best glasses and mirrors of New York. Total elegance
21 Months Ago by bmilagros|Report Abuse
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I was a little sad because my son had his piano concert this weekend in
Manhattan and I could not attend because of home commitments. Thanks to
Glass and Mirror NYC I was able to see it from beginning to end as I found what I needed to get out of trouble. Thank you Glass and Mirror NYC for helping me to observe my son in one of his great
achievements as a pianist.
21 Months Ago by alessandro_noguera|Report Abuse
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For several recommendations from friends, hire Glass and Mirror NYC because I just bought my house here in Manhattan and wanted to do a job in my house with the bathroom. Thank you for both commitment Glass and Mirror NYC.
21 Months Ago by rafadi|Report Abuse
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the Glass in my cousin Rachel's shower in New York was amazing thanks to Glass and Mirror NYC.I recommend it 100%, my cousin fell in love with her work.
22 Months Ago by nav |Report Abuse
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The company Glass and Mirror NYC turned out to be what I was looking for in terms of product quality.
22 Months Ago by marcos pereira|Report Abuse
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Glass and Mirror NYC. do a very professional job now my new office in Long Island is ready to inaugurate, I recommend them.
22 Months Ago by Kevin Bruyne|Report Abuse
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I called without hesitation to see how my aunt's house in Brooklyn was just great, Glass and Mirror NYC. is the best option they gave me a good price and the work they did really fast.
22 Months Ago by Travis Barker|Report Abuse
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I’m pretty satisfied because of the good design of the mirror installed in my living room in Manhattan. Glass and Mirror NYC is the responsible for that. Pretty efficient Company.
22 Months Ago by adniel|Report Abuse
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Thanks to the protecting glass made by Glass and Mirror NYC I can show my wood table without hiding its nice design. they are in Queens making magic. thank you so much!
22 Months Ago by susanna|Report Abuse
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The interior decoration of my Apartment in NY made a base of glasses is responsibility of Glass and Mirror NYC. Excellent and affordable work.
22 Months Ago by Ybelisse Cariaco|Report Abuse
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I called Glass and Mirror NYC. Company in New York for an appointment and they were the best, the work they did in my Manhattan offices was excellent. I recommend them.
22 Months Ago by Jose Mourihno|Report Abuse
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Glass and Mirror NYC do an amazing work with mirrors. I love mine in my house here in Staten Island and provided a different good looking. Recommend work with them.
22 Months Ago by eleazar|Report Abuse
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Glass and Mirror NYC made a beauty baroque style mirror for my mom in Manhattan and she really loved that. Thank you for your commitment guys!
22 Months Ago by eliverc|Report Abuse
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Very happy for the work they did at my home in Brooklyn. We recommend this team of Glass and Mirror NYC professionals, they are very punctual and creative. The glass materials that were used to design the Mirror installation in the living room and dining room are made of special glass of optimum quality, my home is pleasant thanks to its excellence.
22 Months Ago by maryoris narvaez|Report Abuse
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My cousin in Queens recommended me Glass and Mirror NYC. to finish the glass work in my new home, he did his spectacular work, I recommend them. They are excellent professionals.
23 Months Ago by Juaquinzapata345|Report Abuse
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I needed to renovate the restrooms in my Long Island office and call Glass and Mirror NYC. They had already done a job in my department, it was great to see them do their job in my company, I recommend them.
23 Months Ago by MariVera2|Report Abuse
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My aunt Angelica lives near my house in Queens and recommended Glass and Mirror NYC. To make the installation and decoration of the mirrors of the living room and dining room, coffee tables. my house is very comfortable, beautiful. That was a good recommendation, the work was better than I expected. I am delighted, the mirrors were designed with very resistant glass materials, a work of art thanks to professional experts. I highly recommend that they be the best in New York.
23 Months Ago by ROSA OCANDO|Report Abuse
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I wanted some windows and panoramic doors with Mirror for my new apartment in Manhattan and I contacted them. Glass and Mirror NYC. They have an architectural touch in my place. I am thankful. All that excellent service and prices of solidarity.
23 Months Ago by Sara Rojas|Report Abuse
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My apartment is in Manhattan, specialists of Glass Mirror NYC. Quickly installed beautiful and decorative mirrors in the living room and dining room of my house with very good quality glass. I recommend them for their excellent professional work and fair price. located in New York.
23 Months Ago by RITA PUENTE|Report Abuse
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I contacted them to install windows and glass doors for my new apartment in Brooklyn. They have very competitive rates and an excellent service worthy of professionals. The Glass and Mirror NYC. was my best option.
23 Months Ago by Eglismoreno|Report Abuse
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Some friends recommended me to Glass and Mirror NYC told me they did a good job in their bathroom, and really that it is an excellent team and the jobs they do are quality, thanks to them the glass in my bathroom was left with a good finish, everything perfect.
28 Months Ago by Marianni|Report Abuse
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Glass and Mirror NYC They advised me, they were always attentive and communicated to get the job they have enough experience, they are organized, the work was done quickly and all clean, the staff super educated, responsible, punctual. I am comfortable with the work I am comfortable with the work done, I recommend them!
28 Months Ago by America|Report Abuse
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