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Old mirrors new york

252 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(646) 902-5696
Based on 29 reviews.

General Information
"The antique mirrors are amazing pieces of craft and they give space that they adorn classic charming look. It is one of reasons why the antique mirrors are very sought after by the antique hunters.

The antique mirrors are referred by the age, and time period or style they were made. The time periods might refer to the reigning monarchs, like in a case of Regency, Georgian, Victorian as well as Edwardian periods. And they might refer to the specific styles of time, like baroque, gothic, neoclassical, rococo, as well as art nouveau. There?s overlap between the different time periods or styles. There?re various kinds of the antique mirror, including the wall mounted mirrors, the freestanding mirrors, the hand held mirrors, the pocket mirrors, and the vanity mirrors. The wall mounted mirrors actually are hung from the walls range in the size from the small designs to the grand mantel mirrors.

The specific kind of the wall mirror is girandole that has the arms to hold all candles. Placing the candles on mirror means light is been reflected off mirror?s surface. It maximises amount of the light and creates soothing as well as tranquil atmosphere. The freestanding mirrors genrally come with frame and are angled backwards forwards for the convenience. If you are interested to buy an antique that you have seen on our website, please contact us directly using the contact details shown with the item

We will offer the best prices, you can visit our website and see all the details and you will come to know the huge experience we have, we are the best in the business "

Products & Services
Glass and mirrors
    Based on 29 reviews.
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I recommend Old Mirrors New York, for people who are interested in buying mirrors for shops or for the living room or bedrooms, I visited them because I needed a large mirror for the dining room of my house in Queen and I definitely chose the ideal place , in this store there are variety of sizes and styles.
4 Months Ago by creuza|Report Abuse
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On Long Island, I visited the Old Mirrors New York store because, talking to a friend, I told her that I wanted to buy a mirror that would give elegance to the living room of my house. I am fascinated with my new mirror. visit them! They have excellent prices and variety.
4 Months Ago by louisggomez|Report Abuse
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Excellent quality of work done by the Old mirrors New York team of professionals in New York. In the installation activity of Old mirrors in my apartment in Brooklyn, they were very fast and careful with the work, everything was perfect, I am very satisfied. I recommend them.
4 Months Ago by Antonio Da Silva|Report Abuse
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Thanks to the specialists of Old Mirror New York. The installation work of Mirror in my apartment in Brooklyn, were beautiful, excellent finish and high quality. I recommend them for their work.
4 Months Ago by renny_rossy|Report Abuse
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"I live in Brooklyn and I am fascinated with Old Mirrors New York, the mirror that I bought for the dining room of my house is simply beautiful. My mother came on vacation to Brooklyn and invited me to visit this store, from there I came away with super happy with my acquisition. They have excellent prices.
4 Months Ago by clairef veronica|Report Abuse
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Old mirrors new york. A group of excellent professionals very responsible. The work of installing mirrors in my apartment in Brooklyn was spectacular, with a first class finish. That's why I recommend them.
5 Months Ago by nico ramirez|Report Abuse
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I needed an accessory for my living room that would give a delicate and beautiful appearance, a friend recommended me to visit Old Mirrors in New York, as soon as I entered the store I fell in love with all the accessories we can get there. If you want a special detail for your home or office do not hesitate to visit them.
5 Months Ago by marycaro|Report Abuse
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I am very happy with the professionals of Old mirrors new york. For having contracted with them the installation services of mirrors of my residence in Brooklyn. Excellent finish, quality and professionalism in the works.
5 Months Ago by Mario Suares|Report Abuse
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I told a friend that I wanted to restore an old mirror that I had at home to give my room a vintage look, and she recommended me to Old Mirror New York, I hired them and the work was amazing, the mirror that beautiful, I am very happy to have hired them. my room now looks beautiful. In Manhattan the best in antique mirrors is Old Mirror New York.
5 Months Ago by bmilagros|Report Abuse
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I was a little sad because my son had his piano concert this weekend in
Manhattan and I could not attend because of home commitments. Thanks to
Old mirrors new york I was able to see it from beginning to end as I found what I needed to get out of trouble. Thank you Old mirrors new york for helping me to observe my son in one of his great
achievements as a pianist.
6 Months Ago by alessandro_noguera|Report Abuse
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For several recommendations from friends, hire Old mirrors new york because I just bought my house here in Manhattan and wanted to do a job in my house with the bathroom. Thank you for both commitment Old mirrors new york.
6 Months Ago by rafadi|Report Abuse
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the mirror in my cousin Rachel's shower in New York was amazing thanks to Old mirrors new yorkI recommend it 100%, my cousin fell in love with her work
6 Months Ago by nav |Report Abuse
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The company Old Mirror New York turned out to be what I was looking for in terms of product quality; I live in Crown Heights and their mirrors were very good at the door of my bathroom I recommend them
6 Months Ago by marcos pereira|Report Abuse
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Old Mirrors New York. do a very professional job now my new office in Long Island is ready to inaugurate, I recommend them.
6 Months Ago by Kevin Bruyne|Report Abuse
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I called without hesitation to see how my aunt's house in Brooklyn was just great, Old mirrors new york. in New York, Company in New York is the best option they gave me a good price and the work they did really fast.
6 Months Ago by Travis Barker|Report Abuse
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I called Old mirrors new york. for an appointment and they were the best, the work they did in my Manhattan offices was excellent. I recommend them.
6 Months Ago by Jose Mourihno|Report Abuse
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Very happy for the work they did at my home in the Bronx. We recommend this team of professionals from Old Mirrors New York, they are very punctual and creative. The glass materials that were used to design the doors and kitchen window are made of special glass of optimum quality, my home is pleasant thanks to its excellence.
7 Months Ago by maryoris narvaez|Report Abuse
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Old Mirrors New York is a very professional company because of the great variety of mirrors they offer, as well as providing excellent designs. my house in Queens look great. Great job guys!
7 Months Ago by susanna|Report Abuse
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My cousin in Queens recommended me Old mirrors new york. to finish the glass work in my new home, he did his spectacular work, I recommend them. They are excellent professionals.
7 Months Ago by Juaquinzapata345|Report Abuse
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I needed to renovate the restrooms in my Long Island office and call Old Mirrors New York. They had already done a job in my department, it was great to see them do their job in my company, I recommend them.
7 Months Ago by MariVera2|Report Abuse
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My aunt Angelica lives near my house in Queens and they recommended Old Mirrors New York. To do the installation of mirrors and the glass doors of the bathroom shower in my house, which was a good recommendation, the work was better than I expected. I am delighted, the bathroom environment is wonderful. Excellent professionals.
7 Months Ago by ROSA OCANDO|Report Abuse
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My apartment is in Manhattan, specialists from Old Mirror New York. Quickly installed the bathroom Mirror and doors of the shower with excellent quality glass. I recommend them for a very professional job. They are located in New York.
7 Months Ago by RITA PUENTE|Report Abuse
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Since Old Mirror New York designed the large mirror that is in my living room, my family in Harlem is in love with this company and me too. Your work says more than any recommendation. We recommend them
7 Months Ago by Ybelisse Cariaco|Report Abuse
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I wanted some windows and panoramic doors with Mirror for my new apartment in Manhattan and I contacted them. Old Mirrors New York. They have an architectural touch in my place. I am thankful. All that excellent service and prices of solidarity.
7 Months Ago by Sara Rojas|Report Abuse
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I always wanted to have a good mirror in the shower and a friend of mine in Chinatown recommended Old Mirrors New York. I called them and they did the magic, it was amazing! I congratulate you for the great job. keep working this way.
7 Months Ago by eleazar|Report Abuse
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I contacted them to install windows and glass doors for my new apartment in Brooklyn. They have very competitive rates and an excellent service worthy of professionals. The company Old Mirrors New York. was my best option.
7 Months Ago by Eglismoreno|Report Abuse
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I really wanted a big mirror and my room and Old Mirrors New York offered me the ideal model and design, here in Brooklyn. Thank you, I hope to hire you again soon.
8 Months Ago by eliverc|Report Abuse
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I like everything that is old, because I consider it beautiful, and there is nothing better than having a beautiful antique mirror in the living room of my house, with an excellent finish, so I hired Old mirrors new york, I think they are the best, for that reason I recommend them for their beautiful work they did in my room.
12 Months Ago by Marianni|Report Abuse
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Old mirrors New York was great!! They replaced my old mirror wall to a beautiful antique mirror at a price that was about half of what I was quoted by other places. They were prompt, courteous, efficient, and did a wonderful job! I highly recommend them to anyone.
12 Months Ago by America|Report Abuse
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