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5811 Branch Valley
San Antonio, TX 78242

(210) 502-8986
24/7 Tow Truck San Antonio TX - Towing Service
2112 W Commerce St
San Antonio, TX 78207

(254) 233-8627
3918 Naco Perrin Blvd., #105
San Antonio, TX 78217

(210) 263-1175
12102 Gwendolen Drive
San Antonio, TX 78253

(210) 951-1190
5202 Texana Dr., #238
San Antonio, TX 78249

(210) 660-3339
Towing Service
1806 Marufo Vega.
San Antonio, TX 78245

(210) 624-7013
335 W Olmos Dr, #128
San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 745-0964
4211 Gardendale Ste,290A
San Antonio, TX 78229

(210) 951-1177
6322 Sovereign Dr.
suite #185
San Antonio, TX 78229

(210) 920-9705
Advanced Towing & Recovery
San Antonio
San Antonio, TX 78228

(210) 973-8010
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Stranded on the side of a busy freeway at rush hour with nobody to call to get you home, back in your A/C? Well look no further than San Antonio, TX Auto Towing & Wrecking services, where you can get speedy, courteous service at a price that won?t break the bank.

San Antonio, TX Auto Wrecking Experts

San Antonio, TX towing companies have provided an essential service for many years. Just think about it: how bad would our lives be if all of the cars that broke down were still on the roads? So when you draw the short straw and it?s your turn, call a San Antonio, TX towing service and they?ll make sure you and your car get home safe and sound.

When you have to contact auto towing, it usually means you've already had a bad day. So it?s important to choose a reliable and reputable towing company.
A good auto towing company can be your best friend when you're stuck out on some lonely road in the middle of the night. There is no feeling worse than being stranded, alone and helpless, when all you know is that your car won't start without any idea why. It could be a dead battery. It could be bad wiring, or a bad spark plug, or a computer system error. The chances are that you don't know what's wrong. And you probably don?t really care. It's an uncomfortable situation and you want out of it. You can figure out why it happened later.
This is the time to call the experts at our local San Antonio, TX towing service. They?ll tow your car straight to the Body Shop, and take you home. Or, if you?re fortunate enough to have one of the lesser troubles, like you?ve run out of gas or have a dead battery, we can get you back up and running in no time at all, without the need for a tow.

San Antonio, TX junkyards aren?t your stereotypical piles of metal. They?re vast treasure troves of used parts for your car!

If you have an older car like I do, and parts are hard to find or order, chances are you will find precisely what you need at a local San Antonio, TX auto wrecking yard. And at a great price, too. Is your car practically worthless now, and you?d like to sell it for spare parts? Well this San Antonio, TX yard provides the perfect service for you, too!

Either way, if your car's dead, call up our professional tow company and put that sad old car out of its misery.

Getting Towed In San Antonio, TX

Having to get towed in San Antonio, TX is never a good thing but some cases are worse than others. Tow trucks are either your savior or your worst enemy. I find it especially convenient to pay about three dollars per month for roadside assistance through my cellphone company. I?d hate to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, and having someone to call free of additional charge puts my mind at rest. San Antonio, TX auto towing and wrecking drivers are more than happy to help you out in this scenario.

Now, when they have to come and tow you because you made the unfortunate mistake of parking in a "no parking" spot, then it's a whole different story. Nobody wins in this situation, so please don?t try it. The San Antonio, TX tow truck driver is unhappy because at any second he's going to have to fight for his life when you run from out of nowhere and start to attack him in effort to avoid the $200 dollar towing bill. Then, despite knowing you?re in the wrong, you?ll more than likely terrorize the poor driver who is just doing his job, and ask him, "How could you do this to someone!", and, "I have children! How will I get them home?" Please, avoid this scenario and be polite if you do happen to find yourself in that situation.

Calling your husband or wife to come and pick you and the kids up will just add complications and headaches to this already disastrous scenario. Going to the wrecking yard to fetch your vehicle, after forking over the fee to the towing company has to be most humiliating part. So, again: don?t park where you?re not supposed to, or you will get towed. That?s not the towing company?s rules, believe it or not, so don?t blame them. Write to your city council reps if you actually want something to change.

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