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Cowanesque, PA Disability Insurance - Don't get stuck up the creek without a paycheck, contact Disability Insurance of Cowanesque, PA. We will make sure that you stay afloat. If you have recently been injured and are unable to work, then you have come to the right place. Insurance for Disability is a lifesaver when you've been injured and are unable to work.

Workers Comp in Cowanesque, PA

According to a recent study, most people estimate they have only a 16 percent chance of becoming disabled during their working years. Those 16% are seriously mistaken. Strangely enough, in a study that was conducted polling that same group of people, 24% believed that they were at risk for being abducted by aliens. That means that there are more people who see aliens as a real threat than see a disability, a known and sadly quite common risk, as a threat to them. If you are under the age of 35, you have a one in three chance of becoming disabled during the course of your career. While men have a 43% chance of becoming seriously disabled during their working career, women have a 54% chance. As you get older, the statistics only get worse. Protecting yourself in the event of an injury is critical in today’s economy. If you are injured outside of work, you will not qualify for Workers Comp in Cowanesque, PA, so you and your family are left to pick up the pieces. If something were to happen to you, Cowanesque, PA Disability Insurance would cover your expenses, such as mortgage or rent, utilities, medical expenses, long-term medical expenses, and can even help with your groceries.

Short-Term Disability Insurance in Cowanesque, PA

Cowanesque, PA Disability Insurance providers are a lifesaver if you are injured and unable to work. Let us say, you hurt your back while hanging Christmas lights that you really did not want to hang, but your wife made you, because the neighbors did. You were up on a ladder, when some dog ran past and bumped into it. Then, the ladder fell and you were left hanging there, literally. Finally, you lost hope that someone would hear your screams, and you decided you would just let go and hope for the best. So, you fell and landed on something jagged and unforgiving. Now, you are in a hospital bed, wishing you were a Jehovah’s Witness and did not celebrate Christmas, and you have no income to pay for anything. Cowanesque, PA Short-Term Disability Insurance helps with that.

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income in Cowanesque, PA

I applied for it once. I “hurt” my back doing yard work. So, I filled out the form, and, what do you know, I started receiving a check every week. and I was able to buy some great stuff. I bought new wheels for my Rambler, got a flat screen TV, and took a nice vacation. Then, one day, to my surprise, I received a visit from my Cowanesque, PA Disability Insurance company who was looking into “fraudulent” claims. What the heck? Why would they automatically suspect I was making a “fraudulent” claim? Now, I lost my wheels, TV, and had to pay back the vacation. Plus, I am in jail now and I owe way more than I spent, which doesn’t seem fair. And they would not even listen to my claim of genetic predisposition to phantom reoccurring back pain that strangely subsides when Cowanesque, PA Insurance Companies for Disabilities perform checks on fraudulent insurance claims. If only they could have seen me 10 minutes before, or 10 minutes after for the matter when my wife put a boot where no boots should go and the cops hauled me away. If only she could have snuck a key into that boot…

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