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Are you a famished book-worm alone on the streets of Ermine, KY? Well, eat this: NAHB accredited green building verifier training and certification! it's not only what's for breakfast, it's the delightful fodder for those with a passion for keeping this rock we live on healthy, vivacious and plump with greenery.

Ermine, KY NAHB Building Guidelines Training

The field of NAHB Accredited Green Building is growing, but as a relatively new industry, there are specific guidelines and qualifications to becoming an accredited verifier. First, the NAHB Research Center is the sole certifying body, and is therefore responsible for accrediting those in the field to ensure that the homes and businesses that they verify meet the standards and criteria of the national green building certification. Our trainers meet this accreditation and criteria, and as verifiers are accredited on an individual basis, your certification will place you on the right step towards working in a variety of settings. Anyone can live in a green home; it only takes a few cans of paint and a high tolerance for fumes. However, not just anyone can complete the NAHB Accredited Green Building Verifier Training and Certification in Ermine, KY. Can you?

Ermine, KY NAHB Research Center

There are important eligibility prerequisites for those hoping to become a NAHB Accredited Green Building verifier. These prerequisites essentially involve an individual possessing an understanding of general home building practices, and more specific, green building practices in Ermine, KY. A year of professional experience in home building can generally meet this prerequisite, though if you are unsure, our experts will be able to answer all of your questions.

Once completion of the prerequisites is determined, you can start your actual training. There is a small fee, but it will be offset by the business you will receive after completing your NAHB training. The process may include a verifier training session, an annual verifier accreditation/listing fee that is your testing fee the first year, and from that point forward creating and maintaining the appropriate records required by the NAHB research center. The training may also be made to fit your schedule for those in select cities, so contact your Ermine, KY NAHB Accredited Green Building Verifier Training and Certification center to find out more.

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