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Washington, DC Home Warranty Companies - If your new home is defective, we can help. We are among the leading home warranty companies in Washington, DC. If you are buying or selling a home, a warranty for your home is one investment worth making.

Home Warranty Services in Washington, DC

When you buy a home in Washington, DC, you definitely want a warranty.  A warranty protects you in the event that the house is defective.  I bought a house once, in Washington, DC.  As soon as I moved in, I started noticing things that weren't up to par.  For example, one of the outlet covers was off-white, when the rest were white.  The grain on one of the floorboards was going vertically, when the rest were going horizontally.  The back yard had a small, three inch patch of crabgrass.  I pulled out the warranty, and was able to get out of the purchase.  Good thing, too.  The payments were way higher than I expected, and I was about to be foreclosed.  Can you believe they actually expect you to make every single payment, how unrealistic.  Thanks Washington, DC Home Warranty Companies!

Home Warranty Contract in Washington, DC

Washington, DC Home Warranty Companies provide a service contract covering one year. This Warranty for your Home Contract helps to protect homeowners against unexpected repair or replacement costs to major systems and appliances that tend to break down due to normal wear and tear. Basic Warranty Coverage for your Home in Washington, DC, regardless of age of the home, typically includes the heating, plumbing and electrical systems, water heater and major appliances such as range, oven, or cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and more. This is generally covered for homes that are less than 5,000 square feet, homes over 5,000 square feet usually incur an additional fee. Home Warranties help to protect your Washington, DC home during and after the purchase. When a system or appliance breaks down due to normal use, you are protected for repair or replacement. Since chances are that you just dumped your life savings into a new home and can’t afford to fix the oven if it breaks, this can be essential. When selling your home, a Home Warranty provides buyers with incentive and additional confidence in the purchase. Usually the age of the home, system or appliances is not a factor in procuring a home warranty; however it may affect the length of coverage. While Warranties for Homes in Washington, DC are generally good for only one year, most are renewable or have extended coverage. To find out more about protecting your home, contact a local Warranty Company for Washington, DC Homes today.

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