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42 Oak Avenue Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton, ON L8L 5M8
(289) 456-9204
Join me for a very unique and complex reading
Based on 21 reviews.

General Information
I have over 25 years of providing professional psychic services to clients around the world. Grab a coffee. Sit down and relax. Let?s chat. Ever felt as if you needed someone to talk to who could help you see what was going on
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I have over 25 years of providing professional psychic services to clients around the world. Grab a coffee. Sit down and relax. Let?s chat. Ever felt as if you needed someone to talk to who could help you see what was going on
    Based on 21 reviews.
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I initially felt drawn to Illiannaval when I found her online for my first session because I needed to see if I felt a connection to her. I did. And I will meet with her again. I am grateful for her intuition and willingness to share her gift. She shared some things with me that were spot on, for this time and some that I have yet to figure out. I understand that some of the things she shared with me will have significance to help me to pay attention in the future. Thank you. Sending peace and joy back your way!
15 Days Ago by Veronica Wainwright|Report Abuse
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AMAZING! Illiannaval is very professional and attentive. Her readings are very precise and accurate. She provided a lot of information during both of our readings and very accurately answered any questions I asked. It was crazy how much she picked up on. She is also very sweet, compassionate, and down to earth. I would highly recommend it!
16 Days Ago by priscilla creed|Report Abuse
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I had an online reading with Illiannaval after a recommendation. Beautiful messages! I can't recommend enough. I'm still thinking about the details of the reading and cool things are blossoming just like she said!
22 Days Ago by pearl dail|Report Abuse
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I am a skeptic when it comes to this stuff. I actually scheduled the appointment for my mother but I had to attend in her place due to her being sick at the last minute. I truly don't know how he knew some of the things that he told me. I do not have a lot of stuff on the internet to glean from. I would recommend Illiannaval if you are interested in good reading. She was prompt and made sure I was comfortable and was able to control the intention of the reading.
23 Days Ago by Kimberly Barbee|Report Abuse
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If you looking for clarity, confirmation, or advice on certain aspects of your life, look no further than which gets the job done. I barely gave her any detail about my life, but she was able to pinpoint the past, future, and more importantly, the present matter of a particular situation. Her readings are not only accurate but insightful. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear. But even with that, her readings are filled with useful and practical advice that guides you towards your highest good. Will definitely contact her again in the future!
29 Days Ago by Jessica Hendley|Report Abuse
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Excellent reader. Been to other psychics but this one is by far the Best! Knows what she is doing. Thx! I look for to seeing you soon.
1 Month Ago by gladys dancy|Report Abuse
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I had an in-person session with Illiannaval when I traveled to Canada. I believe in this gift and have seen psychics for decades. Illiannaval by far is not only intuitive but she actually provides practical advice about how to manifest the things coming through. It is one of the most unique experiences I've ever had. It's been weeks since my reading and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my sessions and what she shared. In fact, one by one, I'm trying to take on the action points she provided me. I want to attract the wonderful things the reading spelled out for my life and Illiannaval provided the pathway to how. Highly recommend. Don't wait, reach out to her today! Thank you!!
1 Month Ago by rosemary pollock|Report Abuse
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Illiannaval is truly a gifted psychic. She knew SO Much about me without me having to tell her anything. Her readings are genuine, sensitive, and absolutely phenomenal! I have had a few sessions with her and it is amazing how reliable her readings have been. Do yourselves a favor and have your most pressing questions answered! It was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my life having a reading with Illiannaval!
1 Month Ago by tracey mcandrew|Report Abuse
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Is an amazing psychic and life coach. I've been seeing her for over a year. Her advice is always very practical yet spiritual in nature. She has helped me through a tumultuous situation and has always inspired me to keep pushing forward. Even in the worst of circumstances, by the end of the session, I always leave feeling great and with a new positive perspective. Illiannaval has done cleanses, readings which helps tremendously every time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for practical advice to help with grieving.
1 Month Ago by robin hedgepeth|Report Abuse
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Illiannaval is the most intuitive person I have met so far. Her Reading was on point, I had many questions written down on a piece of paper in my pocket, and through our exchange, she touched on each and every one of them without knowing I had some questions in my pocket. I'm going to be a regular of hers because of how I felt leaving the session. Confident that I'm going in the right direction.
2 Months Ago by jennifer velarde|Report Abuse
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I don't even no where to begin. From the moment I met her she had the best energy! She was so sweet and welcoming and made me so comfortable. She explained everything to me before starting. Was so spot on with everything she said it. She also made future predictions and one of them already came true, every little detail. I highly recommend! love you Illiannaval! A million stars!!!
2 Months Ago by jessica chewning|Report Abuse
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Honestly, I think she is in shock a lot of the time when she gets things so spot on she almost sounds stunned at the accuracy herself. Anyway, there have been so many things over the years that she told me about, guided me on (some of those things I haven't wanted to hear or believe) but, they have all been spot on. So, I am loving the beautiful days and waiting on developments for all the things she has told me are coming my way, can't wait. Call her, get a reading, you won't be sorry!
2 Months Ago by billie lamas|Report Abuse
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Knew things she could not have known. She is so warm, loving, inviting and just AMAZING. It's the best thing I've ever done in my life and I cannot thank enough for bringing me back to life with her incredible gift. So incredibly altruistic of her to share it with the rest of us.
2 Months Ago by carole mcglothlin|Report Abuse
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Absolutely amazing! She was so spot on with everything she said. Everything she's told me the past two sessions has turned out completely accurate. 10/10 would recommend!
3 Months Ago by ruby amador|Report Abuse
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Said that my current job will be stable - everything that's happened recently has indicated fortunately what she said and I'm definitely in great situation at the moment.
3 Months Ago by anita debose|Report Abuse
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To be completely accurate - Illiannaval is the real deal. She could see a past relationship I was holding on to. She was pretty accurate about most things about my personality. She's also super super nice and welcoming. She made me feel really comfortable without giving any advice or discourse.
3 Months Ago by agnes mcelhaney|Report Abuse
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Great great advisor...very nice lady and very accurate, she read the situation just the way it is :) Amazing!
4 Months Ago by megan rosales|Report Abuse
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Another wonderful reassuring reading. Answered all my worries quickly without hesitation. Thank you again!
4 Months Ago by marjorie fontes|Report Abuse
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She is great! I was afraid to open up but she was great and understood my situation! I will continue to read with her! Great reader!
4 Months Ago by ashley upchurch|Report Abuse
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The most illuminating reading! She is one of those rare people who knows human nature and knows how to bring out the most positive energies in a human being. Truly spiritual and human!!
4 Months Ago by  vivian tindall|Report Abuse
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Well I giver 5 stars and when some of the things start happening I will bump that up to a million.
4 Months Ago by Pittman12|Report Abuse
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