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Your Fat Loss Coach

110 E Broward Blvd #1700
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 636-6300
Based on 16 reviews.

General Information
Your Fat Loss Coach located in Fort Lauderdale FL, helps to balance our Client's bodies, primarily through body fat loss and weight loss. We educate our clients on proper nutrition and address emotional eating. We're also experts in the use of HCG for weight release. Our focus: 1. Brides & Bridal Parties 2. Type 2 Diabetics. 3. Overweight Teenagers 4. Persons looking to get healthier. Contact us today and schedule your free weight loss consultation. Results You Can See, Feel & Trust.
Products & Services
Weight loss, nutritionist, quick weight loss , fat loss, lose belly fat, lose weight fat, your fat loss coach, fat loss coach fort lauderdale
    Based on 16 reviews.
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Excellent Experience With lana and Team.
18 Days Ago by leegipson89|Report Abuse
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One Of The Best Fat Loss Coach in Chicago IL.
4 Months Ago by brown89juric|Report Abuse
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I lost 18 pounds During the program, I was happy to have a personal coach ( LANA KERR ) helping me.Thanks to Your Fat Loss Coach!!
4 Months Ago by martin89jackson|Report Abuse
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I lose 30 pounds and the diet program gives great results in a short period of time. Highly Recommended.
5 Months Ago by brown899sam|Report Abuse
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I recommend the diet programs by Lana and Team of Your Fat Loss Coach. Amazing Experience!!
5 Months Ago by jacob08smith|Report Abuse
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Last year, I was joined their fat loss program in New York City and I have lost so much weight with the help of them. I am very satisfied with their program. Highly recommend!!!!
6 Months Ago by marklee24|Report Abuse
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Joined Your Fat Loss Coach Last month, as I was continuously putting up weight due to sitting job. But Lana helped me understand my body and set my exercise and set my exercise and diet accordingly. I followed the same and lost 20 pound within a month. Thanks Your Fat Loss Coach.
7 Months Ago by paul24smith|Report Abuse
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My goal is to lose 30 pounds in two months with Your Fat Loss Coach. I am amazed at how fast I lost the weight. Thanks Lana!!
8 Months Ago by oliver89lee|Report Abuse
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YFLC quick weight loss programs helped me to get great results very quickly.
8 Months Ago by hallsmacc|Report Abuse
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Truly Excellent and Wonderful Experience With Your Fat Loss Coach in Nashville.
9 Months Ago by Ken Robo|Report Abuse
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Unlike the traditional ways of losing weight that include a strict hectic diet that promotes starving and fasting. Lana Kerr weight loss program targets on body fat & develop a unique diet chart and exercise routine, which work effectively and efficiently towards promoting weight loss in a healthy and stable manner.
10 Months Ago by Jason Levy|Report Abuse
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The main thing in a life which everyone wants that if the trainers of the health are helping you or not. Here they are doing just what we want. Best diet for weight loss and Perfect place for weight loss.
10 Months Ago by andrewfrank31|Report Abuse
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It is one of the Florida leading fat loss coach with more than 15 years of experiences. If you need any guidance related to fast weight loss programs or reduce belly fat, then you can get here. Staff is awesome.
10 Months Ago by Anna Green|Report Abuse
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I just loved the experience. It is unique and different. Guys! If you're looking for a best fitness coach in Florida where you can reduce your weight in a healthy way, then this is it. Staff is helpful. Special thanks to Lana Kerr for her dedication.
11 Months Ago by Andrew Grayson|Report Abuse
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Thank you, Lana Kerr for helping me in reducing my weight. I tried so many products and do a lot of exercise but nothing works. The diet chart you gave me works wonderful for me and helps me in reducing my weight.
11 Months Ago by Wilson Solo|Report Abuse
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You were exactly what I needed.Great support and motivational group of people.
11 Months Ago by Gevh Zen|Report Abuse
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