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Watch Parts Outlet

607 South Hill St. Suite #448
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 434-4654
Fax (213) 627-1923
Based on 62 reviews.

General Information
If you are searching for best shop to repair you watches and other related accessories like watch batteries, watch bands, watch crystals, watch casing parts then you can visit to buy several types of watch repair kits. Watch Parts Outlet specializes in the supply of several watch accessories. In order to avail the wide variety of watch repairing services call us at 213-434-4654.
Products & Services
Watch Parts, Watch Accessories
    Based on 62 reviews.
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Bought many watch maker tools for my watch store. All of them are working very fine.
16 Days Ago by Adams Reynolds|Report Abuse
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On time delivery and flexible return policy.
1 Month Ago by William J Lee|Report Abuse
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The watch movements are very efficient. I bought harley ronda watch movement. My watch is working quiet well.
2 Months Ago by John Grieve|Report Abuse
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Professionals watch makers are very friendly and co operative. They have well knowledge about watch repair service.
3 Months Ago by Lionel Weaver|Report Abuse
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I am having a great time with my silicon watch band. Genuine watch bands collection.
3 Months Ago by John Shull|Report Abuse
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Very impressive watch repair service.Keep it up.
4 Months Ago by Odell Welch|Report Abuse
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Getting a proper watch repair center was really difficult but now watch parts outlet has really driven away the thought.
4 Months Ago by Charles Hale|Report Abuse
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Found always helpful and very dedicated to their service.
4 Months Ago by Mary J Hughes|Report Abuse
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Quiet cheap in dealing with the watch accessories.
5 Months Ago by Thomas Hults|Report Abuse
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Ordered hammers,punches and stakes.Got it very early.
5 Months Ago by William S Webb|Report Abuse
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I bought ETA movements for my watch.My watch is working quiet well.Highly recommended.
5 Months Ago by John Dodd|Report Abuse
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Best price for watch movements in town.
5 Months Ago by Josh Rush|Report Abuse
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I own many watches and had several repaired by watch parts outlet.I will never go anywhere else for the same kind of service.Excellent in watch repair.
5 Months Ago by Stephen J Thomas|Report Abuse
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If anyone wishes to buy any kinds of watch accessories then I would recommend this.You will get complete satisfaction.
6 Months Ago by Toby Banks|Report Abuse
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Got an appropriate watch casing dial.It is very genuine and made my watch more attractive.
6 Months Ago by Terry J Miller|Report Abuse
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You can get the right type of watch batteries easily through browsing the website.
6 Months Ago by Joe Jones|Report Abuse
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I was not getting any casio solar batteries at my budget.I came to know about this and started looking for it.Seeing the budget I felt whether it will work well or not but now I am glad to say that it is giving me a quality work
6 Months Ago by David Becher|Report Abuse
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If anyone prefers to choose quality watchmakers then I would suggest "Watch Parts Outlet" as the deserving choice.
6 Months Ago by Marcus Jones|Report Abuse
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Got third wheel for ETA.It is working efficiently.Very happy with it.
7 Months Ago by Thoams Koch|Report Abuse
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Glad to see so many watch maker tools collections in one site only.The prices are quite affordable.
7 Months Ago by David Curry|Report Abuse
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I came to know about this website from my cousin.Last month I bought Casio solar battery for my watch.The watch is now running in fabulous condition.
8 Months Ago by Henry A Walker|Report Abuse
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I have recently got brown stingray watch strap.Got in proper quality.One of the best online watch store.
8 Months Ago by Donald Banks|Report Abuse
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Happy with the price of blue bezel.One of the best reputed watch service.
8 Months Ago by Bret Young|Report Abuse
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I got the watchmaker tool set for my shop.All the tools are in proper condition.Keep it up.
8 Months Ago by Billy Ames|Report Abuse
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I have got a metal bracelet watch band.The band looks quite attractive with my watch.
9 Months Ago by Samuel Bowen|Report Abuse
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Nice collection of watch bands.I got a metal watch band for myself.
9 Months Ago by Patrick Rader|Report Abuse
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One of the best watch repair online service in Los Angeles.Carry on with your work.All the best.
9 Months Ago by Shane E James|Report Abuse
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I ordered for lithium batteries for my watch.I got it on proper time.Thanks
9 Months Ago by Willis Adams|Report Abuse
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Got a watch capacitor for my watch.Good quality.
9 Months Ago by Darren Glaser|Report Abuse
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From many days my watch was having problem with its movements.I saw your website and I gave my watch to repair and I am glad to find it in absolutely proper condition.Thanks to watch parts.
9 Months Ago by Shuvam Dutta|Report Abuse
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My metal bracelet watch band got damaged.I gave it to repair and got it successfully.Good service.
9 Months Ago by Tina Anderson|Report Abuse
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I gave my watch to repair.It was in a very bad condition but after I got it back I was simply amazed to see it.It was completely changed.Very happy.
9 Months Ago by George Romero|Report Abuse
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Beautiful collections of metal and leather watch bands.Keep it up.
10 Months Ago by Jason M Smith|Report Abuse
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I saw the ETA watch movements on their website.Quality products with affordable range.
10 Months Ago by Clinton Son|Report Abuse
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Recently bought leather watch strap.I got the product as I wanted.
10 Months Ago by Maria Reeve|Report Abuse
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They replaced my "Stingray Watch band" very fast.Highly recommended.
10 Months Ago by Terry J Smith|Report Abuse
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Recently bought Watchmaker Precision Screw Driver from this company.Got in exact condition.
10 Months Ago by Joseph Benham|Report Abuse
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I was going through the INTERNET and suddenly I got the name of the company.I felt impressed with the quality products they offers.I ordered for "CR1216 Lithium Battery" battery for my watch
10 Months Ago by JacksonFolsom|Report Abuse
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I was looking for a Lizard Watch band.Suddenly I got the name of the company in the INTERNET and now I am really glad to receive the product of my choice.
10 Months Ago by Alexa Ferfuson|Report Abuse
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Recently I have bought nylon watch band from this company.The product quality is really nice.
10 Months Ago by James S Smith|Report Abuse
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Got a new set of batteries delivered for my watch today from the watch parts outlet. The watch is now running fine. The delivery has been ahead of time. More than I expected. Thanks.
10 Months Ago by alexsmith32|Report Abuse
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I was looking for a blue colored crocodile leather wrist watch band for my watch for a long time. Glad I found it in Watch Parts Outlet online store. Thanks to them, I now have the combination I wanted to have.
10 Months Ago by jenniferdoe1|Report Abuse
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I came to know about the company from a friend of mine. I ordered for a watch crystal and got delivery on time.
11 Months Ago by tonymason2|Report Abuse
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Recently got mytslef a new watch from Watch Parts Outlet. Its simply amazing. Just loving it. Thanks.
11 Months Ago by meganmorgan|Report Abuse
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Watch Parts helped me make my watch even better. Skillful people with a wise outlook. Thanks.
12 Months Ago by janewinslet12|Report Abuse
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Just received my watch from the Watch Parts Outlet. Totally pleased with my watch. Its running fine.
12 Months Ago by stuartlong|Report Abuse
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Was looking for a watch making kit for a long time. finally got mine from Watch Parts outlet.
12 Months Ago by tonymason2|Report Abuse
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Got my apple watch repaired from Watch Parts Outlet. Its as good as new now!
12 Months Ago by harrytownsend|Report Abuse
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Happy with the quality of product I received.
12 Months Ago by tomlee34|Report Abuse
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I got myself a new rollex watch band attached to my old watch from Watch Parts Outlet. Its working fine. Thanks.
13 Months Ago by tomlee34|Report Abuse
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Great team of workers. Fine artists. Who not only repairs but produces something beautiful form nothing.
13 Months Ago by jacobrennes54|Report Abuse
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My watch got a new life. Thanks to the Watch Parts Outlet for repairing my watch.
13 Months Ago by johnstones54|Report Abuse
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This comes from first hand experience. Had a very good experience getting my watch serviced from Watch Parts Outlet.
13 Months Ago by pauladams34|Report Abuse
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Great people to do business with. Great services and convenient methods.
13 Months Ago by JoeCollins5|Report Abuse
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I had a great experience having my watch serviced and fixed by Watch Parts Outlet.
13 Months Ago by ShaneJones25|Report Abuse
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Having problems with your watch contact watch parts outlet as early as possible. From watch repairing to watch making they do everything with utmost perfection. Highly recommended!!!!
44 Months Ago by shenflem|Report Abuse
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I successfully changed my old leather watch strap with a new one from watch parts outlet. Delivery was on time. I truly enjoyed the service of watch parts outlet. Watch parts outlet is highly recommended.
44 Months Ago by sadam|Report Abuse
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I heard a lot of positive reviews about watch parts outlet. So I thought of shopping with them and i am very happy of their quality of services. Had an awesome experience shopping with watch parts outlet.
44 Months Ago by jencarter|Report Abuse
Rate this Review     (0)      (0) 
I have an excellent experience with the services
of watch parts outlet. They deliver products on time. The customer support of watch parts outlet is also praiseworthy.
44 Months Ago by jdgrey91|Report Abuse
Rate this Review     (0)      (0) 
If you want to repair your watch and have a limited budget then there is no better online site than watch parts outlet.
45 Months Ago by jameswh|Report Abuse
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Few days ago,my favorite watch was broken accidentally. Watch parts outlet repaired my watch in minimal time and now it's working fine. Had a great experience with them.
46 Months Ago by davids12|Report Abuse
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Last week my watch's display had broken in an accident and i wanted to change it as it was my favourite watch. So i called watch parts outlet and they changed the broken display with a new waterproof one. That too in my price range. Really a nice website for watch repairing & servicing.
46 Months Ago by vaskar|Report Abuse
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