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What are side affects of doing mixed martial arts?
I want to sign up for mixed martial arts but my parents are convinced that it bis unsafe i need to know what can happen if i do mixed martial arts.
135 Months Ago by $$$ty$$$|Yuma, AZ|Martial Arts & Combat

1 answer
This is a new reply to an old post, but I'll answer here for the benefit of future readers.

The short answer is time, money and risk of injury. Becoming a martial artist takes more than a couple evening hours a week. It's going to take a lot of time. You should be prepared to sacrifice time that you may have spent dong other things like family outings, work, hanging with friends, etc...

School is obviously going to be an expense and an ongoing one at that. There are usually other costs involved such as uniform, equipment, fees and travel.

Most parents are concerned about the safety and the risk of physical injury. It's true that when you engage with others in a physical activity, particularly one that submits or strikes another person, the risk for injury is a very real concern. A good instructor will go a long way at minimizing these risks by making sure his students are properly paired and understanding their limitations and monitoring workouts. Also by checking the pace of workouts is critical to minimizing risk.

My name is Ken Holloway and I'm the head instructor at Ken's Kung Fu San Soo, the ancient art of self-defense.
94 Months Ago by kenskungfu|Sign in to respond
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