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is mixed martial arts safe for children?
is mixed martial arts safe for children?
135 Months Ago by $$$ty$$$|Yuma, AZ|Martial Arts & Combat

1 answer
All Martial Arts styles can be a relatively safe and beneficial activity for children of all ages. The real issue is that children are taught age appropriate techniques. Children as young as 3 years old participate in martial arts programs all over the world. Mixed Martial Arts as portrayed on T.V., may not be suitable for children, or most adults. At Tomaso's Martial Arts Academy we teach children age appropriate techniques in Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Self Defense, and Mixed Martial Arts. Our focus is not mixed martial arts competition, but highly effective self defense training. While we have many students that have competed succesfully in Mixed Martial Arts competitions, that is not our focus. Most of our students do not wish to compete in MMA they just want to get in shape, and know how to defend themselves. We utilize mixed martial arts training methodologies, and make sure that we keep the classes as safe as possible. When we do train mixed martial arts fighters, it is outside the normal classes. Fighters do not need to be training with the average martial arts student. At many mixed martial arts schools, new students wind up being punching bags for the fighters. Tomaso's Martial Arts and most reputable schools do not allow students to spar until they have aquired a certain level of skill and confidence. No one is forced to spar if they don't want to. Before letting your child join any martial arts program, be sure to observe several classes at different times, and on different days of the week. Make sure the classes are age appropriate and that safety is stressed, and protective gear is worn during sparring. Young children should not be allowed to strike the head with full force, students must understand the importance of, and how to tap out. So to answer the question; "is mixed martial arts safe for children", I will have to say it all depends on how it is taught. Children should not be fighting full contact mma.
134 Months Ago by Tomaso Martial Arts|Sign in to respond
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