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lcd tv wont turn on
my 32; lcd samsung tv wont turn(its only 2 yrs old
156 Months Ago by nemecio|Moreno Valley, CA|Television Repair

2 answers
My 32" LCD t.v. Won't turn on,the button that lights up when tv is on,is on but tv won't turn on
156 Months Ago by nemecio|Sign in to respond
There are tons of reasons why this could be happening and a few ways to narrow down cause.

When you turn it on does the back light up like it is on but not receiving a signal? this could mean its on the wrong input etc. The way I test this is to turn it on, then on the TV remote press MENU. if the menu pops up then the tv is working fine. If you are getting nothing at all when turning on the tv then the usual cause is that the tv received a surge and maybe the power supply or board is damaged. on a 32" tv its cheaper to replace the unit vs. having it repaired. I have had many repaired and it can run 4-500.00 for parts and labor vs. getting a new one cheaper than that.
156 Months Ago by H. Customs Home Theater
If you have blown or bulging capacitors on the power supply, this could be a common problem that Samsung may cover. Contact Samsung at 1-800-726-7864. If they don't cover it, it still may be worth fixing. Power supply and main boards are not that expensive. If the panel is bad, that would not be worth fixing.
156 Months Ago by Applause Home Ent|Sign in to respond
change power supply its fixed

watch more update
81 Months Ago by Tellyvod
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