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For All Your Construction Equipment Needs
With the fast pace of development not just in Asia but throughout the Middle-East, Europe and America, the need for reliable construction equipment has grown. Project managers requiring heavy equipment are always on the look-out for excellent suppliers of equipment that can deliver the best products and service. Axis Capital Group could be the final destination for many of these project managers.

A company located in Singapore, Axis Capital Group now in Jakarta sells and leases out construction capital equipment, ranging from cranes to excavators and other similar or related light and heavy construction equipment. It is a multi-line dealership that can provide dependable service for its clients’ construction project equipment needs.

With its strategic location in Singapore, which is a bustling port in Southeast Asia, Axis Capital Group assures its clients of efficient delivery of its top-quality products. The company’s corporate structure also allows it to operate with great flexibility and with low overheads, making their prices highly competitive in Asia as well as globally.

Axis Capital Group can provide a wide selection of new and used machine units on sale or rental basis. The equipment delivered is assured to be dependable and cost-effective for the prospective owner or user, especially coming from an asset management company that guarantees delivery of full service to its valued clients.

Axis Capital Group carries the following impressive line of reputable equipment manufacturers globally recognized as leaders in the industry:

• American Crane
• Badger Crane
• Bobcat
• Bomag
• Bucyrus-Erie
• Case
• Caterpillar
• Clark Michigan
• Dresser
• Dynapac
• Euclid
• Grove Crane
• Ingersoll-Rand

No need to look somewhere else when you can have the best products as well as the excellent service that goes with them. Whether you operate in Asia or any part of the world, you can depend on having a reliable partner for your construction equipment need in Axis Capital Group.

112 Months Ago by lenasebastian|New York, NY|Generator Service & Repair

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