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Home>Expert Answers>Religion & Spirituality>Psychic Arts & Sciences>Do you think that the average person today, believes that they have a 6th. sense that they were born with ?

Do you think that the average person today, believes that they have a 6th. sense that they were born with ?
Being a 4th. generation practicing Psychic Medium, I get asked very often about Psychic abilities. And if I think that whether or not we all have them ? I am still, so amazed that how few people in this day and age, are actually aware of this wonderful built-in compass and sense of knowing. Over the years, I have heard it referred to as, " A woman's intuition. " But, why should anyone want to exempt a male, as though it is something that is exclusive, only to females ? For, I cannot see why or how gender should matter in any way, with any of our senses. I always tell those who ask me, that yes, I truly believe that we all have it ! It is merely up to each one of us, to use and develop it further or not. In order to even begin to think about developing it, we first simply need to know that it is there. If we stayed in utter pitch-black darkness for several years, could we really know how good our sense of sight was, until we first tried to use it again ? I feel that many today, are still in a simular kind of darkness, when it comes to their 6th. sense. In this time of wonderful enlightenment, how is that possible ? What is your honest opinion about this ? Do you believe we are all born with a 6th. sense ? I thank you all, and I hope to get your valued opinions on this question. Blessings Beaucoup, Psychic Moon
130 Months Ago by Psychic Moon|Gulf Breeze, FL|Psychic Arts & Sciences

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