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What are the hazards of dust pollution?
Construction dust is mostly fine particulate matter, and the main components of particulate matter in construction dust are mostly some non-metallic oxides as well as sulfides. Due to the large concentration of dust in the air, it will flow up with the air under the influence of human construction activities and natural wind conditions. Therefore, dust monitoring equipment should be installed at construction sites to ensure the safety of staff.

High levels of dust in the air can also form highly corrosive acid rain when natural precipitation occurs, which is undoubtedly disastrous for the growth of plants and can corrode buildings, trees, etc. When high concentrations of dust enter the respiratory system of the human body with the air, it can cause a great increase in the chances of lung cancer and bronchial diseases in the human body.

Dust can also carry bacteria and viruses and become a vector for infectious diseases, speeding up the spread of infectious diseases. It can be seen that the dust problem has been a serious threat and may even endanger the health of human beings.

To fundamentally lift the problem of dust pollution, we must take the route of comprehensive treatment, starting with the product, the choice of dust suppressant, supplemented by certain dust control, dust removal measures, by spraying dust suppressant, its cohesion, adhesion and other effects can quickly capture and will be firmly adsorbed particulate dust, dry in the dust surface can be cured into a film, and thus has a strong dust suppression, dust control role.

At the same time, we should also consider the degree of purification required by the operation site and the nature of dust and other aspects. Dust pollution prevention and control is a long-term, urgent and difficult task, dust pollution prevention and control must adhere to the management of the law, take comprehensive management measures, and finally achieve a fundamental improvement in ambient air quality.
13 Months Ago by Bindajd|Bagot, MB|Industrial Equipment Dealers & Supplies

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