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What are the applications of co2 in different occasions
Carbon dioxide is very common to us, and many people disagree, but if the concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, it may harm our interests. How to accurately monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide requires the use of a co2 sensor.
As we all know, the key raw material for plant photosynthesis is co2. The precise concentration of carbon dioxide can increase plant photosynthesis and help increase crop yields. If there is a CO2 concentration sensor in the agricultural greenhouse, the concentration can be set. After the alarm, people can implement corresponding measures, such as fertilization or ventilation, to increase production.
After keeping a large number of livestock in large enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, if the ventilation is not timely and the animals exhale a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, the animals will feel deeply unwell, and the feed conversion rate will be low, which may cause some diseases; in winter, excessive ventilation will cause Part of the heat lost during the ventilation process is not suitable for animal habitation and growth, which will result in slow growth.
When people go down to work, a lot of toxic gas and carbon dioxide will be created. Too much carbon dioxide can cause hypoxia, physical discomfort and potential safety hazards.
These places are where people gather. Everyone is a producer of carbon dioxide. Accumulation for a short period of time will cause excessively high CO2 concentration. In an environment with a high concentration of carbon dioxide, people will have difficulty breathing, drowsiness, and mental depression. Although air conditioning is constantly operating in offices and other places, the concentration of carbon dioxide can be measured, and after proper ventilation, it can be Avoid unnecessary waste.
In short, our daily production, work and life may be everywhere where carbon dioxide accumulates. The use of Co2 sensors is essential for how to save energy, protect the environment, work and live healthily, and bring us good economic benefits.
28 Months Ago by Bindajd|Alto, GA|Gas Testing

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Carbon dioxide is used as a refrigerant, in fire extinguishers, for inflating life rafts and life jackets, blasting coal, foaming rubber and plastics, promoting the growth of plants in greenhouses, immobilizing animals before slaughter, and in carbonated beverages.
27 Months Ago by mjseedscanada|Sign in to respond
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