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The secret of what is ONPASSIVE?
If you have ever wondered what is ONPASSIVE? And how can you earn from it? Here’s something that might be helpful to answer your questions. ONPASSIVE is an automated business platform that is programmed to manage a network marketing business.

Here is a brief explanation of what is ONPASSIVE’s automated business platform:

Automated Recruiting and Placements

ONPASSIVE network marketing platform is completely automated. Once you sign up to be a founder member of ONPASSIVE, the program automatically places you to an existing network of founder members. This network of founder members is already on the move to the top. This way you are assured to be placed in the top position of the network who are there since the launch. The system hosts a forced matrix structure i.e., 3 x 10, a 3 by 10 matrix with automatic upgrades.

Simple and Effective Matrix System

In the 3 by 10 matrix system that is mentioned above will have a most important element i.e., spill-over. In this system, you are only allowed, 3 members on the first level, 9 on the second, 27 on the third and so forth down 10 levels. A simple matrix system that is powerful once it starts to grow. Suppose there is someone who has joined before you brought more than 3 individuals, then the next one in the down line would fall or spill-over and fall underneath you. You would earn as a commission on a monthly basis.

Auto-pilot Business System

This business system is structured in such a way that anyone can be a part of ONPASSIVE and earn for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you are not an internet marketer, a marketing guru, buy traffic, domain, worry about paying for hosting you can still be a part of ONPASSIVE. This might seem a little and sceptical and confusing but once the system is on the move, you can easily start seeing the results. Your business will be on auto-pilot mode and you can start earning with very little work.
ONPASSIVE is working on various futuristic tools that would shape the digital marketing world. With smarter AI-powered tools, building an online business tool will be easy and would change your life for good. The secret to a successful life is ONPASSIVE.

5 Months Ago by ONPASSIVE REVIEW|Orlando, FL|Software Systems and Services

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