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Home>Expert Answers>Computers Internet & Electronics>Computer Repair>How to fix hp 6968 printer failure ? | Call-1-844-813-3268

How to fix hp 6968 printer failure ? | Call-1-844-813-3268
Hp 6968 printer failure - Resolving 'Problem with Ink System' Error

Below, is a list of some of HP's suggestions from the above link, as well as some procedures which are definitely NOT HP-AUTHORIZED. Some steps involve (minor) risk of damaging the printer if you're not careful, or don't follow instruction carefully.

1. Make sure you're using cartridges that have not dried up/clogged, and that still contain wet ink. I shake them to listen for the liquid inside.

2. Clean the gold electrical contacts on the ink cartridges, and clean the contacts on the printhead, that connect with the ink cartridge . (as per webpage linked above).

3. Inspect the carriage path for obstacles (as per webpage linked above).

4. Clean the printhead/nozzle. If you want to do this the way HP recommends, read the instructions linked above, or watch HP's own video detailing the process.

HP's video tells you to do this with warm, distilled water, which is gentle so presents lower risk, but water doesn't always unclog the inket nozzles to fix the problem.

Others perform this step with commercial inkjet cleaner formula. Some people use their own formula made of alcohol and original Windex. Best viewed on Youtube. Cleaning with anything other than water is NOT according to HP's instructions.

5. Remove the ink cartridges, then remove the printhead. Reinstall the printhead, and reinstall the ink cartridges. Note that HP's documentation states you sometimes have to do this 3 or even 4 times for it to take effect. You can see this in HP's documentation on their website about resolving this error. As shown on HP's webapge, and also a video hosted by . There are also videos on Youtube which show this.

6. Check the CMOS battery. Apparently a dead CMOS battery can cause this problem. I'd only recommend this for people who aren't too scared of taking things apart. It's pretty tight in the side of the printer where the logic (circuit) board sits. That being said, if you have steady hands, are patient, and can follow instructions, well, give it a try.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 CMOS battery location and replacement

7. Some videos tell you to do what HP calls a Semi-full reset to fix this problem. A semi-full reset is a sequence of keys on the control panel that you press that resets certain information in the printer to original settings. This sometimes makes the printer "forget" cartridges dried up, ink was not recently pumped, etc.

How to Fix the HP Ink System Failure!

However, I have scoured the Web and can't find any way to initiate a semi-full reset if you are stuck at the "ink system failure" error. If you are not stuck at that error, then a semi-full reset is well worthy trying.

HP Tech Support:
23 Months Ago by super143|Arvada, CO|Computer Repair

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