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Home>Expert Answers>Computers Internet & Electronics>Audio & Video Equipment & Supplies>How do you move your web site to the top of the search engines without pay-per-click?

How do you move your web site to the top of the search engines without pay-per-click?
How can I get my website to organically reach the top of the search engines
134 Months Ago by ABCGreenEnergy|Aaronsburg, PA|Audio & Video Equipment & Supplies

3 answers
1. develop a keyword list - what search terms would people use to find a business like yours? Write these down.

2. use those keywords in the content of your site

3. Make sure each page has its own unique title and keywords that are specific to the topic for that page.

For more on search engine optimization see this article:
134 Months Ago by astreetweb|Sign in to respond
Thank You!
134 Months Ago by ABCGreenEnergy
Thanks for the link-I new this though- I added my service area along with my product Info and the business has Increased
134 Months Ago by SHEDGUY
Yes, that is a good idea. If your business has a certain service area, that is certainly one of the more important keywords. Be sure to include city names and regional names. For instance, I provide web design services. I am looking for clients in my local area. I include nearby cities, Grants Pass, Medford Oregon but regional names, Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley in my keyword list. This geo=targeting, as it is called, helps businesses in your area pinpoint your business. Here is another article on keyword development:

Good luck
134 Months Ago by astreetweb|Sign in to respond
I recommend you to do white-hat SEO.
1) The first step is to design great site. Your site shall answer all questions that your clients have. Thus, prepare great content with relevant words for your location, and think of simple and easy navigation. Let say you live in CA, thus you want to find info for CA instead of Oregon.

2) List your business in all local business directories that are relevant for you.

3) Do blogger's outreach in your region. Suggest them meaningful info like case studies or infographics like Ellora Assets Corp did a while ago for
72 Months Ago by TerrySmith|Sign in to respond
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