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Home>Expert Answers>Business & Professional Services>Payroll Services>I am planning on outsourcing our payroll to Southbourne Tax Group, any assessment on this company?

I am planning on outsourcing our payroll to Southbourne Tax Group, any assessment on this company?
I searched online and saw Southbourne, I find them trustworthy but I still want opinions from others.
90 Months Ago by Ned Nguyen|Houston, TX|Payroll Services

5 answers
Meh, I am not familiar with Southbourne Group. I suggest hiring an in-house employee to work with your payroll.
89 Months Ago by Alexandria Core|Sign in to respond
As for me, they’re the best. I highly recommend Southbourne for outsourcing payroll. We’ve been their client for two years now and I am greatly satisfied with their service. (We are a small scale business with over 50-60 employees only).
89 Months Ago by rickss1107|Sign in to respond
The processing of payroll is a very important part of your business, since it concerns with the financial aspect of your employees (salaries, wages, withholding taxes and much more), outsourcing payroll can raise your risk of exposing sensitive information to a third party.

Be extra careful in choosing the right firm for outsourcing your payroll. Perform an in-depth research to determine if contracting a third party service provider is the best option for your business. Southbourne Tax Group is a reliable payroll outsourcing company you can trust. They are committed in providing solutions to all your financial and tax issues.
89 Months Ago by weilsel06|Sign in to respond
A tax pro in Southbourne Tax Group handled my income tax return, and he did a really good job. That’s all I can say.
89 Months Ago by Jully Irby|Sign in to respond
Lay your doubts at rest, Southbourne Tax Group is a very reliable and trustworthy company. I can attest to their quality service. They offer comprehensive financial counseling and assistance to their clients, whether a small or large enterprise. You would not regret having their service.
89 Months Ago by Cannon Benett|Sign in to respond
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