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Home>Expert Answers>Business & Professional Services>Mailing Services>Hi, I am looking to shop and ship products internationaly kindly suggest me a shipping compnay

Hi, I am looking to shop and ship products internationaly kindly suggest me a shipping compnay
have you thought about using one of those mail and package forwarding addresses? I might be trying to tell you how to suck eggs here, but if you don't know about them, you just use their USA address, have the stuff sent there and they forward it to you for a free. helps if a particular place won't send to places outside the US. Obviously, they have legal restrictions, but if it's legal to send to your country, there should be no problems with the freight forwarder. You can google it, or here is a few examples for anybody interested
2 Months Ago by globalshopaholics|Wilmington, DE|Mailing Services

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2 Months Ago by Edna67|Sign in to respond
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