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How do I get local listing for my business in Huntsville, Tx.?
I have started a new, small handi-man business in Huntsville, Tx. and would like to publicize it locally. How do I do this?
168 Months Ago by The Kingdom Builders|Huntsville, TX|General Consultants

1 answer
Here is a list with links of places to get started:
Google Places: Free Business Listing – geographical – you can add- video, pictures, blog etc
Google Local Listings – Just that a directory listing of your business
Yahoo Local Business Listings
EZlocal Business Listings:
Merchant Circle another geographical site with coupons for locals Important go to your local area send invitations to every business in your area to be in a network with them. This will announce your business to people! This is free!
The Gathering Guide: go to the bottom of the home page click on submit your company.
Hot Frog

Just go to each place listed look for list your business, or free listing or something similar and follow the instructions, it is usually very simple these are free listings, with the ability to upgrade later if you wish. I always ask every customer where they heard about me and keep a record of it so I can track what is working for me, this helps me determine if I want to upgrade or not.

(Looks like the links are not going to be hyperlinks, just copy and paste the links into your browser.)

Good Luck and much success to you!

167 Months Ago by Magic White Smile|Sign in to respond
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