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Home>Expert Answers>Business & Professional Services>Commercial Graphic Design & Graphic Designers>what are the main features for online custom shirt design?

what are the main features for online custom shirt design?
good features for online custom shirt design
53 Months Ago by web designer|Arcadia, FL|Commercial Graphic Design & Graphic Designers

1 answer
Online custom shirts are usually created by screen printing. That means colors can be limited, and using more colors usually costs more. Designs should be large and readable, small graphics and text with a lot of detail can be hard to make and often don't come out looking correct. Getting bulk shirts is simple, even in multiple sizes. Larger sizes cost a little more because they use more fabric, make sure to think about the size of the people you want to wear the shirts. Getting bulk shirts with individual elements, like each employee's name printed on the back, costs more because each shirt is somewhat unique (even if the front of the shirts are all the same). It might be worth it to consult a graphic designer about your shirt ideas. If you have a good idea of what you want, your shirt producer should have someone on staff who can walk you through the process and make sure everything will look ok before the shirts get made. If you order online you'll be uploading your design to the shirt company. Check if they have file regulations, like which file types they use and how many pixels per inch should be in your design. Make sure there is a design approval process before you confirm your purchase. That way, you can see what the finished product will look like before you make a large order. Good luck!
53 Months Ago by Clever Fox Web Design|Sign in to respond
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