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Film distribution
Truth in Creativity (TIC), a subsidiary for Indie Films, is a full service, global distributor with direct relationships to major distribution outlets. We founded on the experience to make indie film. Truth in Creativity productions is an independent film company, specializing in indie film productions and distribution. We currently have a long list of titles available, which are growing week by week. The need for a new type of distribution for truly independent films is evident. In Hollywood, there are two distinct types of films: Studio films, which are made by the big movie studios and indie films, which are made outside the studio system by independent production companies. It’s no surprise that studio films typically spend more money than independent films. Naturally, budgets have a huge impact on the kinds of films that get made. Thousands of great independent films are made each year and never find an audience. Unfortunately, the closing of most theaters during early 2020 makes other streams of income more important than ever. Indie films, however, feel like startups. You have more freedom to staff the production the way you want and create your own procedures. Yeah, this can lead to problems with inexperienced people, but it’s a lot more interesting! We work with all our filmmakers to educate them about the use of the most innovative marketing and social media tools available for marketing independent film. We also support a private group of filmmakers that are committed to supporting each other.
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