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Contact our gas testers in Carroll County, VA and they?ll inspect the atmosphere around your home for any dangerous gases or noxious odors.

Carroll County, VA Radon Gas Testing

If there?s a rotten smell in the air where you work or live, give our gas testers in Carroll County, VA a call. They can identify any unpleasant odor and help you eliminate the source.

Our testers are knowledgeable about ?moldy? smells (which actually may be mold related organic compounds or MVOCs), carbon monoxide produced by mechanical or heating systems, fire damage, or other contamination or noxious odors and gases from industrial or commercial origins.

Carroll County, VA radon testing is a good idea if you?re worried about your health and the health of your family. Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can?t see, smell, or taste. It is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and it kills about 20,000 people each year. We can test for radon and give your home or business a clean bill of health.

Carroll County, VA Methane Gas Testing and Leak Detection

Methane isn?t a concern for just dairy farmers. Methane gas leaks also pose severe health and safety risks to your home or business. It could be an industrial leak, but there are also natural sources of methane in the atmosphere and oceans. Termites contribute about 19 percent of the total natural sources of atmospheric methane. However, we can test for methane gas and any leaks in your home or office. Our professionals will make sure there isn?t a high level of emissions nearby, or detect the source if there is.

Carroll County, VA Gas Leak Detection

Don?t just assume that your home is safe from gas leaks if you can?t smell anything. Many dangerous gases are odorless as well. As a result, it?s always best to take precautions. Our trained gas testing professionals can help make sure that there are no harmful gas leaks in your home. Contact us for more information.

Carroll County, VA Sewer Gas Detection and Testing

Swamp or sewer gas can be as dangerous as it is smelly. However, we can help to detect sewer breaks and unwanted sewer emissions in Carroll County, VA. We?ll test for any harmful gasses to ensure your safety and health. Our gas testers aren?t afraid of getting dirty to get the job done.

Carroll County, VA VOC Volatile Organic Compound Testing

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are carbon-containing chemicals that easily evaporate. Examples include gasoline, plastics, dry cleaning fluids, and paints. If VOCs are spilled or improperly dumped, they can seep into the soil and ground water. Furthermore, if VOCs get into wells and aquifers, they can harm your health.

We can test for high levels of VOCs in your water and suggest ways to avoid high levels of VOCs, which can cause damage to your central nervous system, kidneys, or liver. Our gas testers in Carroll County, VA are here to help keep you safe.

Carroll County, VA Natural Gas Leak Detection

Even if you don?t smell any noxious gases, there could be a leak of natural gas near your home. Natural gas, which is mostly methane, is odorless. A build-up of natural gas is extremely disastrous, especially if it comes into contact with an open flame and causes an explosion. However, we have special tools we can use to detect leaks near your home or business and fix the problem. Just give us a call and we?ll find the gas leak.

Carroll County, VA Propane Gas Leak Detection

Propane is a gas commonly used primarily for grilling. Though usually safe, propane can also pose safety risks if a gas leak occurs. Most dangerous of all, the leaked propane could come into contact with an open flame and cause an explosion. Luckily, our experts can detect any propane gas leaks and solve the problem quickly.

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