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Why was Dick Van Dyke sick before he danced around the living room? Because when cleaning in Jessamine County, KY, Chimney Sweeps often get the flue first.

Jessamine County, KY Chimney Care

If you're using a fireplace to heat your home, our chimney cleaning and sweeps in Jessamine County, KY won?t just keep your chimney and fireplace clean. They?ll also help keep your family safe. It is imperative for fireplaces and chimneys to be cleaned at least once per year. Neglected chimneys can build up a tar-like substance called creosote, an extremely flammable substance. A buildup of creosote is dangerous and can cause a chimney to catch fire, resulting in potentially significant damage. Chimneys are not designed to handle the high temperatures of a chimney fire - it can warp metal and crack the clay liner in masonry.

If you like, take a few minutes and find a qualified, well-trained chimney cleaning and sweeping company. You can search, but you won't find one better than ours.

Our Jessamine County, KY chimney cleaning and sweeps utilize professional grade cleaning equipment. We will clean the firebox, smoke chamber, damper, smoke shelf, and flue liner. Cleaning a chimney is messy and time consuming, but if not done properly it can still leave the potential for danger. Our trained professionals will remove any hazards such as creosote buildup so that your chimney operates safely and properly. Make sure you hire quality sweeps or chimney cleaning services to do the job right.

When hiring local Jessamine County, KY sweeps or chimney cleaning services, make sure they are licensed and insured. Ask for an estimate for their work. Since it is recommended to have your chimney cleaned once per year, it is important to find a cleaning service that you can trust for regular use. You will find it helpful to look through the reviews written by customers who have already used the services of sweeps and chimney cleaning in Jessamine County, KY. Don?t let your home go unprotected!

Jessamine County, KY Chimney Flue Cleaners

If you have seen Mary Poppins then you know that being a chimney sweep is a dirty job. However, we at Jessamine County, KY chimney cleaning and sweeping don't mind the dirt and soot that comes with our profession. We?ll bring the same comfort and joy that Mary Poppins brings, though perhaps minus the singing. We come prepared with free quotes, offering realistic pricing for what you will get. We inspect your cap, damper, liner and chimney housing, as well as the integrity of your clay and masonry, letting you know if chimney repair is needed.

Gone are the days of cleaning a chimney using just a simple old chimney brush. At Jessamine County, KY chimney cleaning and sweeping, we have every tool imaginable for the job. We have cutting edge chimney scopes that can inspect every detail of your chimney and its condition. We have top-of-the-line pipe crimpers, rod caddies, soot vacuums, tile breakers and winches. Jessamine County, KY chimney cleaning sweeps are licensed and insured and have over 25 years of experience in the area. Go with the pros and give us a call today. We promise you won?t be disappointed.

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