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Weiseth Paul R Dvm

1811 W Highway 101
Port Angeles, WA 98363
(360) 452-4551
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Do you want to share hairstyles with your pet. Contact a groomer like Weiseth Paul R Dvm, and ask for the “species confused” package. Make sure to pick up matching sweaters on your way home too.

Dog Grooming at Weiseth Paul R Dvm

Many people don’t know this, but dog groomers are actually involved in a conspiracy to keep dogs from grooming themselves. Many people think it’s the lack of opposable thumbs (or thumbs in general) that keep dogs from grooming themselves, but actually it’s pampering treatment they receive that keeps them from taking care of themselves. Who could blame them with the type of care they receive from a groomer like Weiseth Paul R Dvm in Port Angeles, Washington. Maybe if I start looking mangy someone will groom me too.

Pet Grooming at Weiseth Paul R Dvm

People don’t realize that when they fail to groom their pets, they are the ones who suffer. Not only will a pet groomer help your pet to look his best, but also they also clean your pet so they are free from pests or foul odors, and even clean their teeth. I don’t know about you, but the last time I tried to brush my pet’s teeth it did not go well. I think I’ll let the pros at a groomer like Weiseth Paul R Dvm in Port Angeles, Washington take care of the dental hygiene. That is one place I don’t want my hands to ever reach into again!

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