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San Antonio, TX Traffic Violation Attorneys - You know you weren't speeding, and we can help you prove it. We’re the leading Traffic Violation Attorneys of San Antonio, TX. We specialize in assisting San Antonio, TX motorists get out of speeding and moving violation tickets. We will speak for you in court and protect your insurance premiums.

Moving Violation Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Do you have a lead foot? Are you constantly driving 20 miles over the San Antonio, TX speed limit? Even in School Zones? (Monster!) Even worse, do you get caught? You could lose your license if you are not careful. Contact a San Antonio, TX Traffic Violation Attorney and get your driving record squeaky clean. They will stand up for you in court and make it all better.  Turn your sob story in your SAAB into more days to break even more traffic laws.

Parking Violation Attorney in San Antonio, TX

I do not know if you have been fortunate enough to catch the new A & E TV show, “Parking Wars.”  The show is amazing, and it profiles and chronicles the work of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. After watching the TV show, I had two initial responses. The first was this, Philadelphia is the worst city in the world to live in. There really is nothing redeeming about that city, sorry Rocky Balboa and the Flyers hockey team, and the Liberty Bell and all that historical mumbo jumbo. Maybe back in Ben Franklin’s day it would have been cool, what with the inventions and all that, and the notion that I am sure that he must have been an alien or something like it to invent all of that stuff. On the other hand, maybe he was a nerd engineer from the future who simply understood how stuff works, but looked much cooler in the past. Kind of like a nerdier version of Ash from Army of Darkness, minus the chainsaw arm. The second thought I remember concocting was this, no matter how cool the parking meter maids actually are in a weird and twisted way, the parking authority still sucks on the whole. All this to say, whether you live in Philadelphia or not, you will probably need the help of San Antonio, TX Traffic Violation Attorneys at some point to fight the evil of the system. San Antonio, TX Parking Violation Attorneys are kind of like hired Rocky Balboa’s, with the ability to fight the impenetrable wall of the local parking authority just like it is that Russian dude Ivan Dragor who should have killed Rocky. Especially with the horse steroids and all that good stuff.

I Did Not See That Traffic Sign Attorney in San Antonio, TX

I used to have similar issues. I would speed everywhere and run stop signs and whatnot. I hired a San Antonio, TX Traffic Violation Attorney who said that it was not my fault that the cop was profiling me. He just saw a white kid in a $40k car, and assumed that I was up to no good. Lucky for me, my dad can afford a San Antonio, TX lawyer who can point out the discrepancies in the officer's story. Unfortunately for that officer, daddy’s lawyer was so good that the officer was court ordered to wash and wax my car every morning, and twice on day’s that end with the suffix “day.” I did go to some classes, thank you very much. See you in the school zone, officer, and at home in about an hour.

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