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To guarantee that your kids are called "brace face" for the next few years, contact one of the skilled orthodontists in Johnsonburg, PA, who are waiting to turn their crooked grin into a straight and stunning smile. 

Johnsonburg, PA Dental Braces

Orthodontists in Johnsonburg, PA use a number of techniques to straighten your teeth, such as old-fashioned metal braces (brace-face, tin-grin, metal mouth) or invisible retainers. Invisible retainers lead to less mockery than metal braces, but not everyone can wear them.

There is also headgear, which involves either a head brace that is worn much like a helmet, or a neck brace that is worn around the neck. Some really lucky kids get to wear both at the same time. I feel that the combination most thoroughly ruins a child’s self-esteem and isolates them from their peers.

The one redeeming aspect is that they likely won’t be alone, and your brace-faced son may even be able to find a nice metal gear solid girl. A private consultation with your Johnsonburg, PA orthodontist might be necessary to give your son instruction in how to lock lips without entangling braces.

Crowding of Teeth in Johnsonburg, PA

I am going to give you the perfect formula if you want your kid to grow up as a complete social reject. Ready? Here we go.

First, make sure they use a pacifier or suck their thumb until they’re about 12. That will cause crooked teeth and make them unpopular because they suck their thumb. Next, during the summer between elementary and middle school, put them in braces – the metal kind, with both head and neck gear (as I wore) – and send them off to a new middle school.

Success! Your kid will have trouble making friends, will develop a defensive sense of humor, and will focus his nerd rage on the Internet, perhaps leading him or her to write news commentary for a living.

Crowded teeth may not be so bad. There have been many famous people with crowded teeth, and an excellent song by Death Cab for Cutie titled “Crooked Teeth.” Just think – if the lead singer of Death Cab had been given braces, we’d never have that great song.

Another options is to consult with an orthodontist in Johnsonburg, PA. They might be able to give you some helpful suggestions.

Teeth Straightening in Johnsonburg, PA

If you have a child who likes to suck their thumb or has difficulty chewing or biting, you should talk to a local Johnsonburg, PA orthodontist. We are experts at fixing and preventing a number of issues, including an overbite, underbite, crooked jaw, crooked teeth, and crowded teeth. Our doctors use a number of techniques to correct your jaw and teeth, such as traditional braces, retainers, headgear, expansion appliances, and more. We will improve your smile and your occlusion, which helps you to chew better and prevent TMJ. Get it straight with our expert orthodontists.

Orthodontics is a dental specialty, much like a general dentist or doctor, so it is important to do your homework in Johnsonburg, PA before you hire.

Make sure to read other’s reviews, and choose an orthodontic specialist in Johnsonburg, PA who is well trained, experienced and knowledgeable, accredited, and has a good track record. When interviewing an orthodontist, ask to see their portfolio. Contact one of our local orthodontists today to find out how we can help your smile.

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