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East Waterford, PA Property Law - Is the neighbor's fence a centimeter over your property line? The Property Law Attorneys of East Waterford, PA can make them tear it down.

Personal Property Law Attorney in East Waterford, PA

East Waterford, PA Property Law Attorneys can help you to resolve disputes over ownership of immovable property such as real estate, or movable property such as automobiles. East Waterford, PA Attorneys specializing in Property Law are experts when it comes to getting you something that may, or may not actually belong to you. They will find any documentation needed to prove that you are the rightful owner or possessor. They say "possession is 9/10 of the law," but all 9 of those 10's are worthless if the other guy has the title to the car. On the other hand, if you are an oilman, and you happened to see a little royal oil bubbling up on what may be your neighbor’s lawn, you may be entitled to that oil, even if the land does no actually belong to you. I call this the “There Will Be Blood” clause, because even though I do not remember if there was any association to this in the movie, I remember being disgusted as I would be if someone tried to steal my land.

Real Estate Property Law Attorney in East Waterford, PA

Maybe you are in a bitter dispute with your neighbor about where exactly your property line is. He says it is about 6 inches inside the edge of your house, and you say that the boundary exists outside of your living quarters. The lame part is that he hired a better East Waterford, PA Property Law Attorney than you did, so now you are losing a wall and some cheap posters. Sucks to be you. Unless, maybe you can prove that the land was actually owned by your great grandfather, who bought real estate during the sunflower boom of 1888. In the mean time, when they started measuring in feet instead of the “strides of a donkey,” it has been discovered that your land actually consists of two and a half extra strides on each side, or as it was known, a “stumbling donkey after a long night in the moonshine corral” worth of area. East Waterford, PA Real Estate and Property Law Attorneys can make sure this ridiculous story holds up in court, and that you get to keep that wall and King Kong poster. In addition, with the extra space you will win, you could even add some delicious shrubbery.

Contractual Property Law Attorney in East Waterford, PA

On the other hand, maybe your argument is over the location of a fence. He says it is about a foot past the property line, and you say that the fence defines the boundary line. Well, because you did your research on, you found a brilliant East Waterford, PA Property Law Attorney. Your savvy East Waterford, PA Attorney specializing in Property Law has informed your neighbor and the court about your right to adverse possession, because you have lived there for over 10 years and have been open with your possession. Therefore, by right, you now have legal possession to the land that your fence sits on. Don’t you love loopholes? Unless they are loopholes on your belt, and it is January 4, after a long holiday season of cookies and roasts, and football games spent in a Laz-E-Boy for one lazy boy.

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