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If you're looking to make a difference in the lives of stacked boxes, check out forklift operator training courses online or in Cowanesque, PA. Because cardboard needs social lives too!

Cowanesque, PA Forklift Operator Training

For those really big meals., our forklift training in Cowanesque, PA can give you the power to lift heavy objects and move them around, or into your mouth.

Billy was a great guy. We had just hired him in the warehouse, and he had so much potential. He was one of those guys that was funny, kind, and everybody loved him. And so it went, until he decided that the forklift was free game, and he had a bit too much to drink at the warehouse party. I’ll add this to Billy as well, the man knew no fear, and I can only hope that he knew no pain as well when he drove our forklift into the propane delivery truck that was parked out back. Here’s to you, Billy, and to the forklift operator training that you refused to undergo. Let Billy's story be a warning to all the warehouse workers in Cowanesque, PA and beyond. Our forklift operator training can save your life, and probably a propane truck or two.

Cowanesque, PA Lift Truck Operator Training

Our Cowanesque, PA forklift training is not something to take lightly. It is so important that the federal government requires that all lift truck operators or forklift operators to be trained and authorized by their organizations. OSHA federal regulation CFR1910.178 states that "only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial lift truck." (Lift truck is another word for a forklift).

Our forklift operator training in will teach you the important details about forklifts, including the types of lift trucks, lift truck operation, lift truck safety, lift truck maintenance, and lift truck refueling and recharging. Once you have a grasp of the details and info you need to know about lift trucks, you will be able to be trained in operating the lift truck. This training will allow you to become acquainted with the machine in a stress free setting, where mistakes don’t cause serious injury. Completion of a Cowanesque, PA lift truck operator training program usually earns you a certificate of achievement, and the opportunity to earn more money at work.

Cowanesque, PA Rough Terrain Forklift Training

It’s one thing to be able to operate a forklift in a Cowanesque, PA warehouse or flat surface. “Oh, look at me, I’m driving a forklift on this perfectly even ground!” True forklift operators take their lift off road, onto the rough terrain that requires a truly skilled driver.

Do you like a little danger and technicality in your work? Our Cowanesque, PA rough terrain forklift training is a great first step to finding if you have what it takes to work outside of the warehouse, where the real lifting happens. Plus, rough terrain forklift training is fun. The courses' set up are challenging and will test your abilities, and can become something like a forklift rodeo once you have your off-road legs. You can try to set records for maximum weight lifted on the course, or the fastest slalom time. Don’t waste another minute indoors. It’s time to get your rough terrain forklift license.

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