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Ultimate Bodies Gym

1626 Bronxdale Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
(718) 518-8020
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Do you know why exercise starts with an ex? It’s to make your ex jealous when they see you now. Ultimate Bodies Gym can be the source of this jealousy.

Fitness Classes and Training with Ultimate Bodies Gym

Come on you girly man, pick up the weight. Actually, at an exercise and fitness center like Ultimate Bodies Gym in Bronx, New York, some of the best trainers are women, who were once little girls, who probably even then could have run circles around you. Therefore, it really is a complement to be a girly man, dependant upon which girly they referred to. Moreover, we all know that girls are smarter than boys, and more mature, and sweeter, and just generally more likeable. Sounds more like a complement to me.

Exercise Classes and Training with Ultimate Bodies Gym

I always laugh at those guys who show up at the gym and just plant themselves in front of a mirror, doing hour after hour of bicep curls. Granted, they have put in quite the amount of time and repetition to build such surly growths. Have you ever looked at the legs below their bulbous upper bodies? Usually they are like carrot sticks. You can only imagine that their cardiovascular shape resembles the carrot sticks more than the ripped pectorals. Of course, I would never say this to their faces, or necks. I do think that some cardio work is important to mix in though. An exercise specialist at a place like Ultimate Bodies Gym in mBronx, New York would know for sure.

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